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In this photo you can see just how pliable the shot is.  This will provide excellent energy
transfer to the quarry and give cleaner quicker kills.  Nice Shot is 14~16 Brinell hardness,
most other alloy shot is around 30 Rockwell "C".  30 Rockwell "C" equals 286 Brinell.
Just  normal pliers were used on #5 shot.

"Nice Shot" has a slightly higher chamber
pressure than an equal lead load.

Precision Reloading's Technical Support will help you with your
loading questions and data. They can be contacted at 605-996-9984
to speak with a technician 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST.

Some of their loading data is at Shotgun World.
For those of you living in Northwestern Pennsylvania or Northeastern Ohio, you can buy Nice
Shot ammunition at
MIHALAK'S GUNS 9263 Crane Rd. Cranesville Pennsylvania.  Store hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 6-9PM.  Saturday 9AM - 4PM.  Closed Thursday.
For the hunters that use Parker, L.C. Smith or other fine shotguns with short
chambers, please contact
RST Classic Shot Shell Co. For your loaded
ammunition needs.  
 RST Classic Shot Shell
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"NICE SHOT NON-TOXIC SHOT" is a  registered Trade Mark of
Nice Shot Inc. Of Albion, Pennsylvania.
United States Patent No. 7,803,314

Proudly made in the USA with domestic materials!
Being unsatisfied with current choices of store bought and reloaded shot, came the idea to make a better, more pliable
shot that does not harm shotguns. The result is a non-toxic shot that is as heavy as magnum lead shot and almost as
soft.  It is made to be used as a
lead replacement.   Loading this shot does not require special wads, unlike other
non-toxic options.  The shot has passed every environmental test along the path to final approval.

As of February 27, 2006  the shot was APPROVED by the USFWS!!!!!!!!!!
Patented as of September 28, 2010

Proudly made in the USA with domestic materials!
The pictures above show an interesting pattern test.  I used a Franchi AL-48 shotgun as my test gun with four
different choke tubes.

The test load is the 12 gauge 2-3/4" 1-1/8 oz load of # 4 shot.  At 30 Yards with a 30" circle.

The left is the Improved Cylinder pattern, evenly distributed shot but notice it has only one stray or Flier from the

The second from the left is the Modified choke pattern, not much difference than the I-C choke but it has 2 Fliers.

The third from left, the standard Full choke.  Still a decent pattern but notice the increase in the number of Fliers.  10
Fliers in all and the pattern isn't as even as the first two chokes.

The right, Extra-Full choke.  The pattern shows an uneven spread about the same as the full choke but not as many
center circle hits and it has 9 Fliers.

This test proves that using larger shot, a less aggressive choke should be used.
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